Intuitive sessions are scheduled as one hour contact over the phone or Skype.  As the practitioner it is my job to become completely still and neutral so that Spirit may speak through me on behalf of your highest good.  Each session is as unique as the individual and Spirit directs how the session will move.  Session may include intuitive reading and guidance, healing journey, and communication with a loved one who has passed. Again, all for the purpose of serving the highest good of all involved.

An intuitive session is an expansive and light filled experience that supports you in cultivating your own intuitive gifts and dissolving blocks that are preventing you from seeing your divine self.  This work is to support you in expanding your own channels to improve daily communication with Spirit.  The assimilation of Spiritual messages, and action for change is both a responsibility and gift of our human experience.

All sessions are completely confidential with the practice of highest ethical protocol.  During the session we open channels on your behalf and before the session is ended all channels that would connect me into your personal life are closed.  Personal information about others will never be retrieved except for the client or those within the client’s stewardship (children and animals).

It is my joy to share my intuitive gifts on behalf of others.  The fee for a session is $140, for energetic exchange of time, energy, and training that is needed for the professional efficacy of this work.  Fee is expected the day of service an hour prior to scheduled time and can be made via mailed check or paypal.

At this time I am limiting my offerings to one session a week,Tuesday evenings 10:30-11:30 pm eastern time.  Scheduling is up to 3 months in advance and open to the direction of Spirit if a session is needed sooner or at more convenient time for the client.

I continually stand in awe of what Spirit has to offer and look forward to working with you in this unique capacity.